The Average Price Of Red Snapper Fish With The Best Quality

The red snapper is the one of the sea fish which is much interested in the world society. The affordable price of this kind of fish makes it one of the needs for fish consumption until now. Today, fresh red snapper is not only we can buy at the market and at fish auction, but we also can buy it in supermarket and online stores. The important thing is we choose the red snapper supplier who has a good reputation.

How To Choose Good And Fresh Red Snapper Fish

Trick in choosing fish, you must buy fish that very fresh and have a good condition. Why? Because fresh fish tends to be better and odorless, and of course the nutritional content is still intact because it has not been broken down. The first thing that you must pay attention when you will buy a live red snapper fish is to choose the fish who live in the clean aquarium. It will be better if the water in that aquarium is always flowing. See at the way they swim. If they swim in the base of the aquarium so they are fresh fish. But if they swim in the surface, so it means that they are already life too long at that aquarium.

How To Choose Fresh Red Snapper Meat

The next method is to choose fresh red snapper meat. If you want to buy red snapper meat in the market, supermarket, or red snapper supplier, first of all, you must see their color of skin. The fresh color is the benchmark in choosing fresh fish. If that is is not fresh anymore, so the skin color will be pale.

Most people immediately hold or press the fish meat to find out its freshness. Whereas, before that, you must see fish scales first. fresh fish has bright shiny scales. not Only that, scales also not be easy to release if touched by hand. Likewise with fins and tails. Fish that are still fresh have tails and fins that tight or stick firmly to the fish’s body. The characteristic of fish fresh are, the fins still intact and look wet.

Another thing is you must pay attention to the fish’s eyes. Fresh fish has the sparkling eyes, clean, round, protruding normally, and strong. If the fish has long died, the characteristic will depend on the fish. There are those whose eyes like more protruding, reddened, dewy, or even sunken inward. But, usually fish that are not fresh in their eyes will be sunk in because the liquid in the water is dry.

The next tips for choosing the fresh fish by looking at the gills. Fish that are still good have bright red gills. Whereas the fish is almost foul but gills look slightly red-brown. Before pressing the fish meat, touch the skin first. Fresh fish skin feels wet, cold, and slippery. If the fish mucus feels sticky, so the fish is not fresh. The fresh skin fish will not easily tear, especially in the abdomen.

The fresh fish felt more chewy if we pressed. Then the part you press will return to its the original form. If the fish is not fresh, it will feel soft and the pressed part will remain like that. You can touch the belly of the fish. The belly area of the fresh fish is tight. If it feels soft moreover, if you touch it then the contents come out, that fish is not good to choose.

The Average Price Of Red Snapper Fish

After we talk about how to choose good and fresh red snapper fish, another thing that you should know is the average price of red snapper fish. As we know that snapper is a fish that consists of various types. Besides red and white snappers, there is also yellow snapper. It’s just the fisherman and the people themselves prefer red and white snapper. Besides being more marketable, red or white snapper itself is considered more nutritious and has a good taste of meat. The following is a review of the prices of the latest red snapper from red snapper supplier.

There is no definite reason why the red snapper itself is cheaper than white snapper. Besides being cheaper, most people do think that red snapper is better than white snapper. Besides being more delicious, red snapper itself also has more color appearance of meat and scales. Not only in Indonesia, red snapper itself also to be the favorite fish in Japan.

In Japan, the price of red snapper itself can reach Rp 150,000 per kilos. This can be seen from a variety of Japanese dishes, such as red snapper sashimi, red snapper sushi, and etc. The price of red snapper in all cities in Indonesia is certainly in relativity. Besides has an unequal price range, every red snapper supplier have a various red snapper. For example, fresh red snapper has more high price than frozen red snapper. In Indonesia, the average price of red snapper is Rp 60,000 per kilos.

How To Cook Fish Without Losing Its Nutrition

As we know that fish is one of a good source of protein, fat, vitamin, and minerals. Fish also contains omega-3 that can keep our heart’s health. But, do you know if the wrong processing can reduce the nutrition of fish? So if you don’t want to lose the nutrition of fish when cooking, you must pay attention to this following matters.

Eat Raw

Fresh fish is certainly more nutritious than cooked fish, especially if you fry it too well. But, remember that not all kind of fish may eat raw. Codfish, salmon, flounder, and tuna are some types of fish that can eat raw. Make sure that the fish is hygienically cultivated.  One dish that uses raw fish is sushi.


Fish that are processed with high temperatures can damage their nutrition. Instead of frying fish, you better to steaming them. Steaming can prevent fish from being exposed to high temperatures directly. In the other side, the temperatures of steaming are certainly safer to maintain the nutritional value of fish. One menu of steaming fish from Indonesia is Pepes.


Sauteed can be an alternative to replace the processing of fish by frying. Frying fish can change the fat well in fish itself. So, it will reduce the nutritional values of fish and increase health risk for our body. Remember that if you want to sauteing fish, you must a small fire with a little of margarine.

Cooking for a long time

If you cooked the fish for a long time, so it will decrease the nutrition of fish. Not only that, cooking fish for a long time also can make the fish too dry. If the fish is too dry will get rid of the taste. You need to cooked fish for the longest time in 10 minutes. Take the fish from the pan when the meat in the middle is still raw.

Touching Fish Too Often

If you touch the fish too often, so it will reduce the fish crispness. Try to flip the fish to a minimum and do not use tongs when cooking fish. Use a spatula that made from rubber or metal, or even a spoon to turn it over. If the fish is ready to be turned over, you will be easy to slide it using the spatula. While, if you try to turn it over when it’s not too ripe, the skin will stick to the pan. And it will make your dishes not looking good.

Melting In The Right Method

Melting the frozen fish with hot water can make many bacteria grow. Instead, dilute frozen fish for four until five hours at room temperature. If you need to melt quickly, so put the fish into the sealed bag and place it in a bowl that contains very cold water. The bag must be completely covered with water, and make sure that the meat will not contact with water. If the meat is exposed to water, so the meat will be too moist and very difficult to cook.

Remove The Skin Fish Before Cooking

Fish skin will be easy to remove if you cook it first. By cooking it first, a layer of fat that binds between meat and skin will be easy to peel off. This layer also makes it easier to flip and shift fish when in the pan.

Don’t Touch Directly With Cooking Tools

As we know that frying fish can reduce the nutritional values of fish. Although fried fish is more savory and delicious. So to get around this, you can coat the fish with bread flour. This is the method to prevent fish from coming into direct contact with oil and frying.

Those are our information about good techniques for cooking fish that maintain the nutritional values of fish. As much as possible avoid processing fish by frying. Steaming is still be a better solution than another method. However, when you steaming fish, pay attention to the cookware that you used. Use safe cooking utensils with food grade. One of the ingredients that is safe for food is stainless steel 304. Stainless steel 304 is safer and resistant to corrosion this material also has a sturdier material that is more durable for long-term use.

Bake Snapper Recipes That Easy And Delicious

Do you want to prepare a dinner menu with your family but get bored with soupy and fried foods? What if you try to make oven snapper fish? Oven fish, including dishes with minimal processing. But minimal does not mean the taste is also minimalist. As long you use the fresh fish, it must be delicious. Even though you use the simple method and not use too many spices. One of the methods to cook snapper fish is baking with oven. Before we talk about the recipes of bake snapper, I will tell you about how to bake snapper fish without damaging the taste.

Steps For Bake Snapper Fish

First of all, you must clean fish from scales, stomach contains, gill, etc. Make two slits in each side of the fish. Drain the fish and make sure there is no more water dripping from the fish. Rub the fish with lime juice, do not overdo it because the lime juice makes the fish flesh white like ripe. Then coat the fish with olive oil, give some salt, and black pepper. Heat oven until 2500 C.

Wrap fish using the aluminum foil or banana leaves if you want to get a unique smell from that leaves. Bake the fish in the oven for 25 or 30 minutes. In this process, the broth from the fish will come out and be retained by the aluminum foil and reabsorb into the fish. After that, remove from the oven and open a little aluminium foil package until the fish is exposed. In this situation, the fish will still look wet but the meat of the fish is cooked and the good smell will appear.

With opened package conditions, please re-enter the oven for 10-15 minutes. In this process this fish will dry out and we will get the crunchy texture on the surface of snapper fish. After the fish looks dry, remove it from the oven and you can enjoy it. You will feel the crunchy sensation on the outside and juicy soft inside. If you want to try another recipe of bake snapper fish, so check it out.

Baked Snapper With Soy Sauce

This is the very simple recipe of bake snapper that you can try at home. This dish is dominated by sweet and sour taste from lime and sweet soy sauce. Not only that, you also can serve this dish with soy sauce and lemon juice.


  • 4 tbs sweet soy sauce
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 thick Javanese acid water
  • 1 tbs cooking oil
  • 5 onion
  • 3 garlic
  • 2 cm ginger
  • 1 big red chili
  • ½ teaspoon of coriander roasted
  • Some salt

First of all, you can clean the gills and the content of the fish stomach, then clean the scales and the fish body. Make two slits in each side of the fish, So the spices easily to absorb. Give the lemon juice, and leave for 15 minutes. Heat cooking oil, saute the spices until good smell appeared. Mixed the sour water and sweet soy sauce. Heat the oven then bake the fish, while rubbing with the spices. You can eat it with chili sauce.

Bake Snapper With Honey

You can served bake snapper not only with sweet soy sauce but also with honey. Honey will make that baked fish more sweety and juicy. Let’s make it.


  • 500 grams snapper
  • 8 tbs honey
  • 2 tbs lime juice
  • 2 lime leaves
  • 1 bay leaf
  • Salt and sugar
  • 8 onions
  • 4 kinds of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon of cilantro
  • 1 cm galangal
  • 1 cm ginger

Clean the fish from the dirt and scales. Coat with lime juice then leave for 30 minutes. Saute the spices, bay and lime leaves. Put the salt, sugar, and honey. Turn off the stove, put the fish into the seasoning. Baked the fish until cooked.

The Simple And Healthy Red Snapper Recipes

A red snapper is the one of sea fish that we can cook to be a various dish. As we know that red snapper is contained vitamins, minerals, iron, and the other nutrition that useful for our health. A red snapper has thick meat and savory. So, this fish is very suitable to cook into any kind of the dish. We can process it in various ways such as, grill, steam, or fried. If you really like with this kind of sea fish, so you must try to cook red snapper with some of the following recipes.

Steam Red Snapper

This first recipe is very suitable for you who try to avoid oily food. So, you must try this recipe. First of all, you must prepare the 250 grams of red snapper that has been cleaned and gutted. The next step you must prepare the ingredient is as follows.

  1. 2 tsp lemon juice
  2. ¼ tsp salt
  3. ¼ pepper
  4. 1 chopped garlic
  5. 2 tsp salty soy sauce
  6. 1 teaspoon of grated ginger

First of all, you must make two slits on each side of the fish. This method aims to make the spices soak well. Then pour the lemon juice, chopped garlic, salt, and pepper into that fish, then leave for 15 minutes. This aims to eliminate the fishy smell. After that, you can steam that seasoned fish for 25 minutes. After that fish cooked, you can make the sauce. Mixed the salty soy sauce, chopped garlic, and grated ginger. Mixed well, then pour into that fish.

Spicy Sour Red Snapper

The second recipe is suitable for you, who like the spicy sour taste. You can combine some of the seasonings into the red snapper fish with fresh spicy flavor. Lets, check it out.


  1. 750 grams of red snapper fish
  2. 2 cm ginger
  3. 1 lemongrass
  4. 1 lime
  5. 1 tomato
  6. 1 onion
  7. 10 chili
  8. 2 lime leaves


  1. 10 chili
  2. 3 onion
  3. 2 garlic
  4. 1 cm turmeric
  5. 1 cm candlenut
  6. Some of the waters

First of all, you must clean the snapper fish, pat the snapper fish dry. Then pour the lemon juice to eliminate the fishy smell. Puree the whole seasoning, then saute with oil. After the good smell appeared, you can put the lime leaves, lemongrass, ginger, and onion slices. Then, you can give some salt, sugar, and water. After that seasoning boiled, you can put fish. Leave 20 minutes until fish cooked. Then you give a tomato slice and chili. Stir for a while.

Salted Egg Red Snapper

Cuisine made from the salted egg as the basic ingredients are popular nowadays. This is because the salty and savory flavors of the salted egg are so special. You can combine the red snapper fish with salt with the following recipes.


  1. 250 grams red snapper fish, cleaned and cut lengthwise
  2. 4 tbs wheat flour
  3. 2 tbs maizena
  4. 1 egg
  5. 1 salted yolk
  6. 1 tbs instant fried fish seasoning
  7. Some fried oil

First of all, you can smear the fish with instant seasoning. Leave for 10 minutes until soak well. Stir the wheat flour, maizena, and salted yolk, until mixed well. Dip the fish into the egg then coat with the seasoning flour. You can press it slowly, so then that flour can stick well. Frying that fish until cooked. After that, you can enjoy that salted egg red snapper with tomato sauce.

Red Snapper Soup

Soup is the one of suitable dish for the cold weather, like now. So, this is the best choice for you to make red snapper soup. You can follow this step to cook.


  1. 500 grams of red snapper fish
  2. 8 onion
  3. 2 garlic
  4. 5 chili
  5. 4 lime leave
  6. 2 Basil leave
  7. 1 lemongrass
  8. 1,5 liters of water

First of all, you can boiled water then put the lemongrass, lime leaves, basil leave, until good smell appeared. Then, put that fish into the boiled water. Leave for 25 minutes. Give a few salt and sugar. You can add the lime juice to make that soup more good smell.

You can try some of that red snapper fish recipes at home, and enjoy that dish with your family. That dishes are not only giving a good taste but also contain the nutrition that we need. Thank you for reading this receipes, and have a fun cooking!

Make The Delicious And Nutritious Salmon Dishes At Home

Salmon is the one of sea fish that have many nutrition such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, D, and selenium. You can choose the salmon that caught in New Zealand, the West Coast of The United States, and Norway. Salmon is not only give a positive impact on our health, but also for our stamina. The omega-3 of salmon can decrease the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as, stroke, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and many more. Salmon also contains by DHA that can increase brain work. Not only that, the DHA of salmon can decrease the risk of depression.

Salmon Steak

One dish made from salmon is steak. We can find this kind of dish in many restaurants. But, why not if we can make this delicious and nutritious dish at home? First of all, you can prepare the fresh salmon fish. Why should it be fresh? Because the fresh fish have a “sweet” meat. Then you can follow this steps.


  1. 5 tbs soy sauce
  2. ½ tbs sesame oil
  3. ½ tbs sugar
  4. ¼ tbs salt
  5. 3 garlic
  6. 1 cm ginger
  7. ½ tbs black pepper

Mixed all the ingredients and stir well. Put the slice of salmon to the sauce. Then leave for 2 hours. After that, you can grill that salmon until cooked. You can combine with some vegetables such as carrots, corn, and bean.

Salmon Rice Vegetables With Cheese

If you want to try the sensation to eat salmon with rice other than sushi, you must try to cook Salmon rice vegetables with cheese. Please follow this step.


  1. 4 tbs rice
  2. 2 pieces of salmon, then cut like a match
  3. 100 grams cheese
  4. 2 potatoes, then grated
  5. 1 carrot, then grated
  6. ¼ part of the onion
  7. 100 grams breadcrumbs
  8. 1 egg

First of all, you can boil the salmon until cooked, then puree. Stir fry the onion and garlic, then put the carrot, potato, until cooked. After that, you can put the salmon and give some salt. Then, put that stir into the rice. Mixed well and round it up. Put the slice of cheese in the middle of that ball. Then dip it into the egg and breadcrumbs. Do this method twice. After that, fry until cooked.

Salmon Teriyaki

if you want to try the salmon cooked in Japanese, you must try this recipe. Salmon teriyaki has a sweet and sour taste. You can follow this step.


  • 2 slices of salmon
  • 2 tbs teriyaki sauce
  • 1 tbs garlic powder
  • 2 cm ginger
  • 3 tbs palm sugar
  • 2 tbs salty soy sauce
  • 200 ml water

You can put the cooking oil into the pan then put the garlic, ginger, teriyaki sauce, salty soy sauce, palm sugar, and water. Stir it until thicken and let it cool. After that you can soak the slices of salmon into that sauce. Leave until 1 hours in the refrigerator. If you want to fry that fish, you must drain from sauce first. Fry the salmon until cooked, then pour sauce and stir for a moment. You can add sesame oil if you want.

Salmon Steak White Sauce With Mushroom

Another kind of salmon steak that you must try to cook is Salmon steak white sauce with mushroom. In this dish, you can combine salmon with some vegetables. And the steps are.


  • 1 slice of salmon
  • 3 baby potatoes
  • Brocolli
  • Carrot
  • Sweet corn
  • 1 lemon
  • Mushroom
  • 250 plain milk
  • 1 teaspoon maizena
  • ½ onion
  • 1 garlic
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oregano
  • Ice cube
  • Olive oil
  • Margarine
  • Petersely

Frist of all, you can smear the slices of salmon with lemon juice, salt, and pepper, then leave for 30 minutes. Cut into pieces of vegetables then boiled. After boiled, you can put the carrot and broccoli into the ice water. So, that vegetables keep crispy and fresh. Especially for potatoes and corn, you can boil them first, then stir it to fry with some salt and pepper.

To make a sauce for salmon, you can heat margarine, then stir-fry garlic and onion till good smell appeared. Put the mushroom, stir until cooked, then put the plain milk and give some salt and pepper. Melt maizena and mixed with the sauce. If the sauce is ready, you can grill salmon and give some of the oregano. After the salmon cooked, you can arrange the vegetables and pour sauce.